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OceanX successfully held “Famous legal firms are using document and e-mail management system, what are you still waiting for?” workshop.

Shenzhen, China – 21 Nov, 2019 – OceanX Technology Limited and Active e-Solution Limited jointly organized the “Famous legal firms are using document and e-mail management system, what are you still waiting for?” workshop on 18 Nov, 2019.

Do you encounter missing / losing / deleting important documents?
Do you have difficulty in managing your e-mails filing?
Do you have difficulty in collaborating with your team?
Do you have difficulty in managing your document versions (without Single Version of Truth)?

OceanX ECM – The Best Solution for Law Firms!
One-stop tailor-made law firm case management solution that allows lawyers to work together on the same platform.

OceanX ECM includes OceanX Legal Case Management, Matter-centric Collaboration, Electronic Matter Folders, Email Management, Outlook Add-in, Office Add-in and OceanX PDFX, facilitating professionals how to manage Legal matters and documents effectively and efficiently.

OceanX ECM includes the following features:

  • OceanX Legal Case Management
    The management of legal matter period is fully automated from the creation of legal matter to the matter bibles.
  • Matter-Centric Collaboration & Electronic Matter Folders
    Index data is automatically generated by smart matter folders and matter documents.
  • Email Management
    OceanX ECM provides a platform for professionals to manage emails together with documents and combines them into a single Matter Folder for matter-centric collaboration.
  • Outlook Add-in
    Outlook Add-in integrates Microsoft Outlook with OceanX ECM system, enables users to store and manage emails directly in Microsoft Outlook interface.
  • Office Add-in
    Office Add-in integrates Microsoft Office with OceanX ECM system.
  • OceanX PDFX
    The tool to convert any documents to PDF with Watermark, Page Numbers, Bate Numbers and Security Control.  It can also bind documents in a matter folder into Matter Bibles with table of content and cover page.

The participants responded enthusiastically and raised a lot of questions about OceanX ECM.

Through the workshop, the participants showed great interest in BuildingBlocks, Office / Outlook integration, QR code, encryption, OCR, OceanX Capture , OceanX Share and auto-filing.

OceanX provides channels for everyone to express their opinions directly as Facebook and Linked-in. OceanX will continue to listen to clients’ needs, understand their industry requirements and upgrade enterprise content management solution with better and more efficient functions to meet fast-growing market demands and ensure that services are tailored to the meets of our customers.

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